Tradition and Innovation – The Hamburg Exchanges

In 1558, Hamburg businesspeople obtained the right from the “respectable Council of this good City of Hamburg” to prepare a site at Trostbrücke for their daily meetings. Thereby

the history of the oldest and most versatile German exchange began in what was then the harbour area of Hamburg. It is closely connected to the history of the Hamburg Chamber of Commerce, which has its seat in the classicist Exchange building.

The Hamburg Exchange is characterised by the preservation of timeless values, such as the reliability of the business handshake, as much as by the constant readiness for innovations and adaptation to market requirements. Here one encounters innovative offers, such as the trade of shares in open and closed funds, just as likely as face-to-face meetings on the trading floor.

With the General Exchange, the Grain Exchange, the Insurance Exchange, as well as the Stock Exchange, the Hamburg Exchange unites four individual institutions under its roof.

Beside these "institutional" Exchanges as well as the historical Coffee Exchange, stand the virtual Information Exchanges of the Hamburg Chamber of Commerce. These free platforms serve for the exchange of information and the business preparation for a varied spectrum of entrepreneurial interests e.g. the allocation of apprenticeship positions or technology transfer.